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About… us!

Who are we? Well, we’re not quite sure ourselves. So to help ourselves (and I guess whoever’s reading this), here’s a list! In alphabetic order, because we love the alphabet. ^^

Ea~, SuuSuu, Karma

Manga-centric: Purdyful art, Shoujo,Traps and Twins~ -cough- Ema Tooyama -cough-
In six words: Creepy-trap-loving-karma-giving-stalker
♥♥:Frederica Bernkastel (Umineko~), Ryuugu Rena~*U* (Higurashi~) Yukina Himuro<333 (Wxxs) [Yuki =w=b ] , Furukawa Nagisa >w<~!!!!! (CLANNAD)  Shidou Mariya =w=(Maria Holic) [Sadistic Twin Trap ftw] Miku Hatsune (Vocaloid Charas in general) Izumi Konata d(=u=d) (Lucky Star) [Otaku ftwww], And now Rika Furude (Higurashi agian =w=b ) [ Because that chair-Satako-beating scene in Higurashi Rei was awesome ]

[ ¤A¤ ] WxxS~<3333 , HIGURASHIHIGURASHI*love* , Shouri no Akuma~!, Umineko no Naku Koro ni~, Fly High!, Boyfriend >w<~ Momo =w=b

Sooo, now where to start? =w= No seriously, oUo where? Well “Cafesuu” being the first person on this page you’d think I’d need to give a good impression =u=;;;; Ahh anyway,  you might find me a bit creepy (later) but thats probably ok. I’m like a fanboy, on how I get excited over things >w>~ But I love shoujo~ but picky aobut that art =w=;;; However, I probably watch more anime than I read manga. As for anime I’ll watch if the animation is good =w=b (And scary factor) Games;;Mmos’ , Visual Novels, Consoles -yadayada- so basically what makes up an Otaku? (Not as hardcore as some)  Ahaha, but when I’m obsessed with something I-am-REALLY-obsessed =w=Y Whoa this is long I need to wrap it up, <u< ok so I’m In six words a Creepy-trap-loving-karma-giving-stalker.”

-THE END (If you actually read)-

Kagamin, Mika, Mii, Kagamimi

Manga-centric: Anything cute makes me squeal~
In six words: Nekomimi fangirl and Fai’s future only waifu
♥♥Fai D. Flowright~~! (TRC) Japan/Kiku Honda (Axis Powers Hetalia), Seiji Hiwatari (K☆R), Hiroto Kazama (K☆R), Kaito (Vocaloid), Ruka Miller (Fly High!)

[ ♫ ] Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, xxxHolic, Kirarin☆Revolution, Ouran High School Host Club, & anything by Ema Tooyama~! I’ll read pretty much anything cute, so long as there’s no smut or anything of the sort. x)

I’m love all things cute, I tend to read & judge stories based on how cute I think it is, that’s how I am~ I like to read manga mainly, although I do watch anime rarely. Oh and, I like playing cute anime-styled games (Pangya & Wonderland Online!). Procrastinating and getting off-track too easily are some flaws I have, besides from being fail in so many other things. x) Besides from reading manga, I like playing with Photoshop, drawing/coloring, & editing. As a fangirl, I’m very prone to major OCD, posessiveness, endless squealing, nosebleeds, and abupt fainting. You have been warned~ ♥

And no, I didn’t write my “In Six Words” section. It was done for me. My friends know me so well~ (I just edited it a bit.) ;D

Kiwi, Kiichan

Manga-centric: Childhood loves make my world go round.
In six words: A little crazy, but totally sane.
♥♥: Isaac!! (Golden Sun), Elliot March (Heart no Kuni no Alice), Kurogane (TRC), Andou Tsubasa (Gakuen Alice), Hong Kong (APH), Arthur Kirkland (APH), Matthew Williams (APH)

[ ☇ ] ARISA, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Boyfriend, D.gray-man, Gakuen Alice, Heart no Kuni no Alice, Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu, Medaka Box, Pandora Hearts, Shitsuji-sama no Okiniiri, TRC, One-shots, Ribon/Nakayoshi; &more (NBM ღ)

I hunt for cute one-shots when I’m not distracting myself with a million other things, such as graphics-making, editing, and/or homework. I’m an admirer of pretty much every series I edit (which is why I bond so much with PS), and I’m quite prone to fangirling. My virtual life consists of manga, blogging, and MSN; unless I’m homeworking. I watch anime only occasionally, I haven’t gamed much since the GBA era and I don’t use the creeper smiley (!)… but there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. (:

IRL? I love snowboarding; build an image of my personality around this fact. Also, despite what my partners-in-crime say, I am not tsundere. ^^

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