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aboutaboutKuchi Makase (くちまかせ/ 口任せ) means “random talk” and that’s exactly what this blog is: us… randomly talking. In a nutshell, we’ll blog about anything we want (mainly manga/anime) whenever we feel like it; which is what we’ve been doing on MSN since we met in early ’09, and what we’ll continue doing here.

This blog is to keep our insanity contained, and so we can share it with everyone. If you want to know more about the mischief-makers behind this blog, check out our About… us! page. Not-so-random fact: we are all staffers of Nagareboshi Manga, so forgive us for being biased when blogging~

Read at your own discretion. ^^

♥♥ With tons of random love,
Cafesuu, Kagami, and Kyfni.

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