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Misc. Corner

— C O N T A C T . U S ! —

Cafesuu :: ’tis a mystery ;D :: chococloud@LJ
Kagami :: pocky.is.love[at]gmail[dot]com :: kagamimi@LJ
Kyfni :: kyfni.ri[at]gmail[dot]com :: kyfni@LJ

*All of us can also be reached via PM on the NBM forum, with our names. We don’t have any fancy usernames. (:

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All images belong to their respective artists. We do not own any scans, series, or characters, they also belong to their respective artists, publishing companies, & producing companies. Credits to scans & translations will be provided in the posts, we don’t do any scanning & translating ourselves unless stated otherwise. All reviews are copyright to the writer(s) of the review; taking a review then putting it elsewhere and claiming you wrote it is prohibited.


Kuchi-Makase wouldn’t be how it is today without the help of some sites and/or people. (:
All the shiny graphics you see were made by us (Kyfni, Kagami, Cafesuu) unless otherwise stated~

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WordPress Blogging Hosting
E-Shuushuu Imageboard Images
Chibi Graphics Resources Brushes
Creamii Candy Resources Page Dividers
Reminiscent Designs Resources Brushes
Photobucket/TinyPic Image Host Image Hosting
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